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Zoom Fūrin Stud Flat Back *Upgrade

Fūrin Stud Flat Back *Upgrade

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We're not big fans of waste, so if you have an existing Fūrin Stud you wish to upgrade to a flat back style, we'll be happy to swap out the traditional earring post for a flat back. Cost will cover shipping both ways, new hardware, and refinishing. After purchasing, we will email a return label for your existing earring.

Flat back upgrade is only available for Fūrin Studs at this time.


How to wear:

These flat-back earrings use tension to stay in place--no threading here! To wear, insert the post into the tube about a third of the way and bend gently before inserting the rest of the way. The bend creates a tension hold that keeps the two pieces together.

Sizing guide:

5mm will work best for upper ear piercings and piercings on thinner lobes. 7mm is recommended for lower lobe and thicker ear areas.


Fūrin Stud Flat Back *Upgrade