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Art of Wear 7: Light + Shadows

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I decided to focus this collection on the duality between light and darkness because it is rich in metaphor and symbolism. (Too rich, as I recently discovered, to fit into one AoW post, so I will attempt to keep this short and sweet.)

It begins with the idea that opposing entities can be contradictory without being completely separate from one another. The two opposites make a whole, and it is impossible for one to exist independently of the other. Take the Taoist yin and yang symbol for example; the opposing sides represent all forms of duality such as light and dark, good and evil, strong and weak, etc., and each is inseparably intertwined with the other.

This concept extends to human nature as well. In Jungian psychology, the “shadow” contains the parts of one’s personality one wishes to keep out of the "light" of consciousness. Much like yin and yang, it is impossible to be whole by only paying attention to the light and neglecting the things in the shadow. Both sides are needed to be complete.



The relationship between stillness and movement is also explored through this collection. The Aura and Umbra pieces feature a sturdy, cage-like structure with a claw-like grip on the stones it contains, while a tiny floating hoop threads through the cage, free to flutter with the slightest movement. The visual effect is subtle yet mesmerizing.



 The final interesting facet of this collection is the snake, which will probably become its own AoW post when Light + Shadows pt. II drops (*HINT*HINT*). I’ve always been fascinated by the dual nature we’ve bestowed upon our slithery friends. Snakes are both worshipped and vilified in cultures around the world, and many of these beliefs go as far back as early religion and creation myths. I can’t think of another animal that is given such a distinct and human-like personality, embodying both light and dark sides of human nature.



In closing, I hope you enjoy Light + Shadows as much as I enjoyed creating it. I've spent a lot of time contemplating the existence of the light and shadow in my life, and cultivating a genuine appreciation for both. As an introvert, these blogs are about as far into the (spot)light as I will willingly go, so I will now retreat back to the shadows where I am most comfortable...

Please excuse any typos, as I am on my second beer while I write this.


xoxo, Keiko 


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